Look Behind the Air

My lovely lady got me Terre d’hermes as a gift for fathers day, the perfume is the brain child of the french man Jean-Claude Ellena, a scent he produced for Hermes.

Infact, Jean-Claude Ellena is the official in-house perfumer for Hermès since 2004 and possibly the most adventurous, unconventional nose in France, and he writes in his new book. “Journal d’un Parfumeur,” “Odor is a word, perfume is literature”. I must say reading about his life as a ‘nose’ – a description given to creators of scents – is quite interesting.

When interviewed one time, he said, “For me, elegance is defined by discretion—not invading the space of your neighbor.”

Further in the interview, Mr. Ellena paused, gazing at the distant Mediterranean. “There’s a wonderful quote by Provençal writer Jean Giono, who says: ‘I love to look behind the air.’ That’s what I try to do—go behind the obvious. You have to bring people’s noses a little further than what they see to sense what is happening somewhere else.

That’s something to think about.



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