10 Ways To Manage A spendthrift Spouse

I think you would enjoy the below as a good read, as much as I did;

A spend thrift partner
is someone that spends
as if there is no

Nothing completes marriage
like love and nothing
scatters it like money

Using some of these
secrets can help you
change your spendthrift

spouse way of living
without ending up in

1. Forgive financial
mistakes of your partner.

It was because there
will be sins that is
why there is forgiveness.

Successful marriage is
simply defined as the
union of two forgivers.
Forgiveness is at the
root of every financially
peaceful relationships.

2. Remove the wrong
label on your partner.

Some people have
put a label on their
partner and that is when
you hear phrases like
“you will spend money anyhow”
“You always think of yourself
alone” and so on.

You need to understand
that you can never influence
your partner positively with
the wrong label on him or her.
No matter what has happened before,
two wrongs can never make a right.

Removing the label means stop
talking anyhow to your spouse
and using the word you “always”
to always to qualify him or
her for something wrong.

Therefore to effectively
change your spendthrift
partner you need to remove
the label and be positive.
The successful couples sit
down to talk over the
financial differences.

3. Adjust Your Own
Negative Attitudes
Remember that attitude
is everything.

Your negative attitude
of proving or behaving
to your partner that you
are better off because you
can save, invest or use money
better will put him or her off.

Get your own attitude right on
your own right attitude is very
important to be able to get
your partner on track.

4. Plan to Attend Financial
seminars together

If you can change what
your partner hears, you
change what he or she 
thinks, and if you change
what he or she thinks,
then you can change his
attitude from a spendthrift
to a frugal partner.

One thing you should
understand is overspending
is a gradually process and
Overspending can be unlearned.

You partner can start keeping
to budget all you need to is
to attend financial seminars
together and he or she is able
to hear all that he needs to hear.

Attending financial seminars
together gives you room to
have time out with one another.


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