Father I Pray


… because

Your love is unmistakable
Your grace is unforgettable
Your greatness unimaginable
Your power unfathomable
and your glory indescribable

The only wise God and King,
My worship to you I bring,
You deserve my praise each day
For you reserve my place each day

I am not ignorant of the many blessings I have enjoyed, and I know that you are not oblivious of the many struggles I have endured.

In life’s difficult race was I subsumed,
But by your grace I was not consumed
The enemy put the stumbling block
But you stepped in as the solid rock

You are always with me,
Your presence never leaves me,
Towards me you are mindful
That’s why I’m not fearful

Thank you for your word
And thank you for being Lord



Reverence for Possibility


You must believe that what you set your mind to do is laudable, possible and do-able. Then you must go and activate the possibility energy in your favour, otherwise life will tell that you can’t do your dreams, that you can’t get that degree or reach that height, but I tell you that YOU CAN!

Every man who achieved his dreams in history, found a way to elevate the sound of courage in his heart, for without the will to say yes to winning, a man’s mind will always find a way to sabotage his vision.

Paul Martinelli said, “Spend enough time around success and failure, and you learn a reverence for possibility”.


What’s the value of a microphone in your hand?


What’s the value of a microphone in your hand?

Any man with a microphone may tell you, it’s not about the conversation but about the content, not just about talk, but the topic. Every speech should both be sweet and sensible.

History is filled with great speakers from Churchill to Obama. Those men with their words have carved a new path of inspiration for many, but their road wasn’t all paved with roses, they worked to raise their wisdom, ways and winning elocution. They improved their speaking skills with each passing day.

I have noticed that good speakers may have at one time or the other done the following;

1. They write notes, although they may not always use them visibly in their speech.

2. They know how to tell a story.

3. They use Valuable Repetition.

4. Have Passion

5. Have no long pauses in their speech

6. Use no pause fillers or they utilized useful ones.

Have you consciously worked to make your speaking less boring? If we gave you a microphone now, would your listeners be happy that we did? Or if we gave you a microphone would you change one soul and then go to inspire the World?