Do you have the right job?

Choosing the right career or job is crucial to wealth generation and according to written statistics, “self-employed people make up less than 20% of the workers in a given country, but account for two-thirds of the millionaires.”

The prevailing opinion is that, ‘the idea of the “right” career can encompass a myriad of factors. Nevertheless, in an ideal situation, this would normally be a career you enjoy, otherwise you likely won’t be putting in the dedication required to be successful’. Can I repeat this statement, if you don’t enjoy your career, you likely won’t be putting in the dedication required to be successful.

As a given, putting in the required dedication is crucial.

Nevertheless, ‘the right career would also coincide with overall working trends, or at least not work directly against them. For example, starting a career in typewriter manufacturing may be something you are passionate about, but it would likely suffer due to the current technological trends’, except you are unusually lucky and your product buyers decide to own a typewriter as art in their own museums.

You must stay relevant in your chosen field. Ingeniously, you must seek to carve your career path and in order to do that, you must creatively pursue what you love; true to the words of Carl G. Jung ‘The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with objects it loves’.

(Ideas from Erin Joyce’s 5 Easy Steps to Becoming a Millionaire)



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