Last night, I dreamt a dream,

In it I am told that this year is yours.

All you have to do,

Is to follow your hearts’ goal,

Reach for the yearnings of your soul,

In this year,

Just a second of your eternity.

Follow your heart,

And dance to the rhythm of God’s will,

Follow your star,

And hitch on the wagon

Unto the expanse of your promised greatness.

For he called us heirs.


The coming year is yours

Bringing Godly success and fulfillment unimaginable,

For you will look back at the end thereof,

And have a cause to smile,

Bcos it was indeed your best,

Yet your best is still yet to come.


These words come for your pleasure,

As each year tells us;

Life comes in a measure.

All you need to do is follow your desire,

And set your life on fire,

Then let the year see you burn,

Let your world see you aflame

Not into ashes born,

But brightening up your dark world,

Meeting needs everywhere,

And giving your neighbor a sunny smile,

Yet having all your desires fulfilled.

This is the greatness,

Which you are destined to achieve this year


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