Lights we did not see



Peace of Mind

::: counsel and not condemn, disciple not disparage, don’t give others a ‘piece’ of your mind, give them the Peace of it.

Think about these words, that’s the beginning of peace of mind, because he blessed you to bless me, and me, you.



Last night, I dreamt a dream,

In it I am told that this year is yours.

All you have to do,

Is to follow your hearts’ goal,

Reach for the yearnings of your soul,

In this year,

Just a second of your eternity.

Follow your heart,

And dance to the rhythm of God’s will,

Follow your star,

And hitch on the wagon

Unto the expanse of your promised greatness.

For he called us heirs.


The coming year is yours

Bringing Godly success and fulfillment unimaginable,

For you will look back at the end thereof,

And have a cause to smile,

Bcos it was indeed your best,

Yet your best is still yet to come.


These words come for your pleasure,

As each year tells us;

Life comes in a measure.

All you need to do is follow your desire,

And set your life on fire,

Then let the year see you burn,

Let your world see you aflame

Not into ashes born,

But brightening up your dark world,

Meeting needs everywhere,

And giving your neighbor a sunny smile,

Yet having all your desires fulfilled.

This is the greatness,

Which you are destined to achieve this year

Lovers on a Broken Canoe


My lover, my friend.

As the day speedily expires,

Thoughts of you besiege me,

I always remember your smile

That looked innocent and kind,

Yet mischievous.

Your silvery eyes defied the cold,

Looked into my very soul,

I saw the world in a different fold.

You caressed me in your chest,

That housed a heart I knew not.

Life is a risk, Love a bigger one.

With you love has a new meaning,

You are my heart throb,

Yet my heart troubles.

I am imprisoned in with your love.

Yet I don’t want to be free.



How can they be lovers?

When he is gone?

How can they be soul mates?

When their souls

have lost each other.

There she was at night,

By her window

talking to him.

He was not there.

But to her he was so real,

As real as the air she breathe

As real as the gown she wore.

Her heart carried him

Everywhere she went,

To the market place,

The school playground,

Sunday school,

And she carried its blisters too.


I do not intend to kill our love,

Though distance eventually will.

With shylock’s knife,

It will cut love’s heart away.

I fear the blood,

That will pour,

That will stain your spotless, pure mind.

And make me forever a murderer.

A flowing sea from the eyes,

A heart broken like glass,

A scar irremovable,

A love that vanished,

And a lover unrecoverable.


I remembered the day,
I found a string of hair,
On the linen garments that I wore.
And its scent no doubt
Brought memories of yester-kisses
And the warm embrace
Of your velvet soft skin.
I held the string of hair
In my tepid hand,
Caressing it,
Savouring its sweet smell,
It caressed me back
Bringing warmth.
No doubt, it was yours.
Today, the string ties our future
In speculative uncertainty,
But I am doubly sure,
That my love for thee,
Will forever be as the Sunshine.
The mind as we know it,
Fonder with time - a wayward wind.
But always know my love,
That although the wayward wind
Blew the string of hair away,
Never to be seen again
By my mortal eyes.
I know it never can take away,
The sweetness of my heart - You!
But only you can.



As exercise strengthens the muscles, Poetry muscles the man, love eternity.

Words to Live By

“I Do works better than IQ”

How many times have you heard “That would never work in the real world?” It turns out the real world isn’t a place, it’s an excuse. It’s a justification for not trying. It has nothing to do with you.

“There are only 3 colours, 10 digits, and 7 notes; its what we do with them that’s important.”~ Ruth Ross

“There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction.” -Winston Churchill

‎’Find Your Place (Your Natural Habitat), Fill Your Space (Rule and Reign There) and Run Your Race (Focus on Your Call) – FD’. – LOVE THIS!


I don’t believe in destiny,

Fate is man’s creation

Humans fail

Then cast blames on fate.

If fate existed,

Sure he would be crying now

For the many blames.


If fate existed,

Then dreamers invent theirs.

For they know,

That there are no impossible dreams,

No unreachable realms,

They know,

There’s always room at the top,

A sure place,

For the cream of the crop